Bansko municipality invests in infrastructure projects

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Streets and the main square in Dobrinishte will be rehabilitated, BGN 600,000 will invest Bansko municipality in infrastructure projects in the area. The perspectives for development of Dobrinishte as a spa and mountain ski resort put forward the issues for the access roads to the town and the need of public works. The improvement of the public infrastructure is one of the priorities of the local administration said mayor Nikola Sakarev. A project for rehabilitation of the water supply infrastructure is also under preparation. Reconstruction of the network started with the change of the pipes in three of the streets in town. The central square is to be renovated too as well as the park and the green zones. The town is searching for new means to attract tourists and visitors.



Bansko Increases Visitor Numbers

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Bansko Increases Visitor NumbersThe Bulgarian resort of Bansko has enjoyed an excellent winter season, officials have said.

The Bulgarian ski resort of Bansko has enjoyed a very busy winter season, officials have revealed.

The local Sofia News Agency reported that Bansko mayor Alexander Kravarov told Darik radio that more than 600,000 tourists have visited the ski resort so far this winter.

He is reported to have said that British and Russian skiers made up the majority of visitors, but added that some tourists from as far field as Greece opted to stay in the resort.

What’s more, Mr Kravarov said that the success of the Europa Cup downhill ski race helped raise the profile of the area.

He also said that the resort had enjoyed superb ski conditions all season, which again helped attract more winter sports fans.

In total, Bansko boasts around 70 kilometres of marked pistes. The resort’s website added: “The ski pistes are located in two main ski-centres – Chalon Valog (1,100 to 1,600 metres) and Shiligarnkia (1,700 to 2,500 metres).”

Swedish National Television Shoots a Film for Bansko Ski Resort

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Swedish National Television LogoThe Swedish TV arrived in Bansko top resort on Sunday, March 9.The TV team will be guest of the Pirin mountain town for four days.

The visitors aim to shoot a cover for a specialized tourism broadcast, reported from the local administration.

The shooting team which consists by 2 people will make a movie for Bansko and the area that will reveals the town’s traditions, local crafts and meals.

The film is also foreseen to show famous hotels in the resort and the modern ski zone.


Bansko Hosts European Cup DH Race

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Ski run “Banderitsa - Alberto Tomba” is the host of European Cup DH Race Bulgaria’s winter resort of Bansko became the arena of the thrilling Europa Cup downhill ski race on March 7-8.

Winner of the first start became current European Cup leader Stefan Thanei from Italy with a total time of 1:24.55. Second was Cristoph Alster (AUT) with 1:24.68 and third place another Austrian – Peter Struger, with a time of 1:24.84.

The second DH race was won by Florian Scheiber (AUT) with 1:24.56 . Peter Struger (AUT) placed second with 1:24.83, while Mirko Deflorian (ITA) was third with 1:24.96. Stefan Georgiev marked a success for Bulgaria placing 23rd.

Skiers were pleased by perfect organisation as Bansko became the first Bulgarian resort to host a FIS event for the last twenty years.

Great weather, lots of music, and ice shows pleased the guests.

One of the sponsors of the event, Carlsberg, added to the pleasure of all ski lovers, who could enjoy a beer or two on the ice bar built next to the Banderitsa run, on which the races took place.

via: Sofia News Agency, photo:

Bansko – More than Great Ski Resort

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The most ambitious aim of the project ‘Stabile development for recovery of the all year history and culture tourism in Bansko’s municipality’ is to be overcome the fetish of Bansko as ski-destination, stated the project’s leader Tsveta Dimitrova, cited by Horemag.

The initiative seeks to involve the natural resources and history inheritance with purpose to create 4 season tourism routes.

We believe that in close future the one season image of Bansko will be overcome, an image related to pre-exhibition and over-building as winter resort complex, shared Tsveta Dimitrova.

There are many things to be shown and seen, so many sights and routes that can be renovated. Tsvetanova gives as an example the museum treasury of Bansko, National Museam ‘Nikola Vaptsarov’, new chapel of St. Paisiy Hilendarski, restored Velianova Kushta and others.

Dimitrova also suggested to be specified the purpose groups towards should be directed the massage for development of the history and culture tourism.

The head of the initiative named the mountain city: Temple of history, nature and culture.

More Info: St. Paisius of Hilendar or Paisiy Hilendarski was a Bulgarian clergyman and a key Bulgarian National Revival figure. He is the author of Istoriya Slavyanobolgarskaya, the first work of Bulgarian historiography. He was born in the Samokov region, most probably in the town of Bansko


Shining Bansko

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The municipality and the citizens of Bansko ski resort will polish the city for the opening of the new winter season in the middle of December.

The people from Bansko will clean streets, pavements, green areas from rubbish. This is municipality initiative, which aims to transform Bansko in a cozy place for tourists.

The resort won’t be in dust and dirt. Local people already used to the idea they should work harder for one more friendly image of the resort, shared Aleksander Kravarov, mayor of the city for second mandate.

He promised there won’t be any problems and also reminded that the resort expects 1 million tourists for season ’07-’08.

Bansko ski

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Planina_2The snowboard lovers can enjoy the first on the Balkans fun park where people from all over the world are lead by the passion of the extreme. They can build jumps suiting their taste and abilities.
Every day skiers and snowboarders can take part in the competitions on the new piste on Shiligarnika.
The lifts and pistes operator in Bansko takes care for the maximum comfort of the skier and snowboarders with the exclusive 8-seats Gondola cable car by Dopplemayr, five 4- seat lifts of the latest Doppelmayr models, one 3-seat lift by Poma, 7 drags and 10 baby drags. The total length of the wire equipment in the resort is 26 kilometers. All ski equipment can be used by one chip-card from SkiData.
Huge monitors showing pictures from the different pistes is based on the starting station of the Gondola. Thus people will have more information of the wind and temperature conditions before climbing up on the slope.
Slalom and Giant slalom runs are available. Bansko offers a cross-country track with a total length of 5 km. A 3 km ski run Rollbahn track is situated 2 km far from the town.