Bansko municipality invests in infrastructure projects

Streets and the main square in Dobrinishte will be rehabilitated, BGN 600,000 will invest Bansko municipality in infrastructure projects in the area. The perspectives for development of Dobrinishte as a spa and mountain ski resort put forward the issues for the access roads to the town and the need of public works. The improvement of the public infrastructure is one of the priorities of the local administration said mayor Nikola Sakarev. A project for rehabilitation of the water supply infrastructure is also under preparation. Reconstruction of the network started with the change of the pipes in three of the streets in town. The central square is to be renovated too as well as the park and the green zones. The town is searching for new means to attract tourists and visitors.


~ by krasse on September 30, 2008.

One Response to “Bansko municipality invests in infrastructure projects”

  1. One way to attract tourists is to plan a ski-ing link with the Bansko ski-ing area, if this is part of the long term plan for the development of the area.

    Gerald Turley

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